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I have had bad experineces before but this one takes the cake.This place appears nice...untill you get to one of the window, then you have a whole nother experinece.

These people were beyond horible customer service. They were trash!!

I have worked in coffee before and i was not impressed at all. My drink tasted like *** and my barista was wearinf entirely too much make up, she looked like a *** and claimed to be the owner?? No class!!

There were a few health code things that i noticed in my visit as well!! i watched the girl put her straw in m,y drink for a taste test?? i also watched the girl take a bumble bee out of the caramel syrup and still pour from that bottle????

I was baffeled!!i did not take my drink or return, nor will i ever again

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this is untrue!!! i googled my name and this is the first time i have ever seen this site!!!! and still talk to trina these coments were made by a karis craig...i have never been contact with the police about anything about this matter!!!



the above article was made in spite by a tessi marie thompson which is a complete psychopath and a threat to the owners of trinas cup of joe and the staff. she has been reported to the police and charges are being pressed.


this complaint is made by a psychopath tessi thompson that is stocking us and wants trina's life she is a danger to society and herself. she needs to be locked up for protection of the community in the greater maple valley/enumclaw area.

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