Trinas Cup of Joe - Trina's is HORRIBLE!!!

Black Diamond, Washington 0 comments

Not only are they overpriced, but the entire staff is completely rude.ESPECIALLY the owner herself.

I have had a coffee from there twice and felt completely sick to my stomach after each trip. The owner only hires people that she seems to think are "up to her physical standards." This whole place is superficial and DISGUSTING.

Enumclaw has quite a few other coffee stands that are MUCH more affordable with a very pleasant staff.If this is the only coffee stand you pass on your way to work or what not, I would highly recommend you KEEP DRIVING BY and perhaps leave 5 minutes early so you can stop somewhere else.

Trinas Cup of Joe - Deceptive and rude!

Everett, Washington 2 comments
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I have been overcharged at TRINA's for horrible tasting, watery coffee more than once.The first time, I didn't say anything and didn't leave a tip -- but the second time, the owner refused to give me the drink for the posted price.

I will go out of my way to find another coffee shop in this area. If you're on the 169 heading toward Maple Valley, I would suggest going a few extra miles to the Maple Valley espresso drive thrus. MUCH better coffee and service! The employees at TRINA's are full of themselves, the owner is greedy, and they are all rude, rude, rude.

This is NOT the way to run a business!

(Looks like the review above defending TRINA's is from the owner herself.Go figure.)



Wow, that's a very ...violent post.

It's not constructive at all. Reviews are constructive.

I am a reviewer.Who's the spammer?


spammers should be staked to the ground over a fire ant's nest and have honey pourted over their naked bodies.

Trinas Cup of Joe - Bad business practice

Seattle, Washington 0 comments
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I drove up to order my drink at Trina's, which happens to be the only coffee shop in that area.I checked the price of my drink on the board and made sure I had enough cash to cover the size that I wanted.

When my drink was handed to me and I was charged almost $2 more than the display price I was surprised. When I questioned the barista I was told they hadn't had a chance to change the board.

I don't think you can display one price and charge another?!This is not the first bad experience I have had at Trina's, but it is the last.

Review about: Drink.

Trinas Cup of Joe is the best espresso on the plateau

Federal Way, Washington 1 comment
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The above complaint is false and fictitious from a psychopath Tessi Thompson that is harassing the shop and staff.The police have been reported several times of her alleged threats to the staff & owners family.

She wanted a job their and was friends w/ an employee when the friendship demised because of her severe mental disorder, she targeted the shop & owners. The owners have 1 child, 1 on the way, have been married 9 years & owned the shop for 8.

She is a threat to not only herself but also the public in Maple Valley/Enumclaw area.Please be aware!

Review about: Trinas.



I work at a local company and have just started getting coffee from Trina's.My family owns a stand and in my experience Trina's is a fine coffee stand and has excellent service with friendly faces and smiles every day..

People that go on the internet just to complain about a little coffee stand are confused about what there really is in this life to be worried about other then their daily coffee that they do not need anyways..Maybe you should go about your concerns a little bit differently then gossiping to the world and not the owner of the company where some constructive input could be used..

Trinas Cup of Joe - Worst Place I've Ever Visited

Seattle, Washington 3 comments
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I have had bad experineces before but this one takes the cake.This place appears nice...untill you get to one of the window, then you have a whole nother experinece.

These people were beyond horible customer service. They were trash!!

I have worked in coffee before and i was not impressed at all. My drink tasted like *** and my barista was wearinf entirely too much make up, she looked like a *** and claimed to be the owner?? No class!!

There were a few health code things that i noticed in my visit as well!! i watched the girl put her straw in m,y drink for a taste test?? i also watched the girl take a bumble bee out of the caramel syrup and still pour from that bottle????

I was baffeled!!i did not take my drink or return, nor will i ever again

Review about: Coffee.



this is untrue!!! i googled my name and this is the first time i have ever seen this site!!!! and still talk to trina these coments were made by a karis craig...i have never been contact with the police about anything about this matter!!!



the above article was made in spite by a tessi marie thompson which is a complete psychopath and a threat to the owners of trinas cup of joe and the staff. she has been reported to the police and charges are being pressed.


this complaint is made by a psychopath tessi thompson that is stocking us and wants trina's life she is a danger to society and herself. she needs to be locked up for protection of the community in the greater maple valley/enumclaw area.

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